The vineyard

Wine-growing tradition since 1777

With the construction of a wine cellar In 1777, Johann and Juliana Schilcher laid the foundation for today’s vineyard at the Georgiberg.

After the Second World War, the vineyard came into the possession of the family Wagner, who also acquired the small neighbouring castle called Georgi-Schlössl in 1968. Since then, the wine has been traded under the name “Weingut Georgi-Schlössl”.

In the 1970s, Günther Wagner planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines from the wine nursery of the famous Italian car manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini in the vineyards and he also brought special Merlot and Pinot Noir vines from France.

The vines he planted back then are still the basis for the high percentage of exclusive red grape varieties in the vineyard.

In 2008, the passionate and successful businessman Christian Trierenberg took over the traditional vineyard and after extensive reconstruction and modernisation works in 2013, it now shines in new splendour.

Since February 2020 the new tenants Stefan Krispel, Werner Stoisser and Alois Gollenz bring a breath of fresh air to the vineyard Georgiberg and with their distinctive signature they bestow a special character on the wines.

Wine-growing areas

The area Wielitsch

The wine-growing area Wielitsch comprises the estates Hausweingarten, Kapelle and Buschenschank. At the end of the Wielitschbachtal valley, surrounded by forests and ponds, our vineyards are facing south-west. On approximately 10 hectares, different types of soil, such as limestone, sand, clay and brown soil can be found. The wines which grow there are just as diverse. Thanks to the special microclimate due to our ponds, we are able to produce our award-winning wines there.

The area Obegg

One of the best areas along the Southern Styrian Wine Road, also facing south-west. Old Morillon vines, which develop a great minerality, are growing on the very sandy and steep Muschelkalk (shell-limestone) soil, where absolute manual work is required.

The area Hochgrassnitzberg

One of the best areas in Southern Styria. The steep slope is facing south-west and is characterised by Muschelkalk and brown soil, which gives the Sauvignon Blanc a distinct aroma as well as a spicy minerality.

To me, producing quality wines means to explore the limits of feasibility! This is my great passion. The vineyard Georgiberg offers the perfect conditions to live my passion to the fullest.

Cellar master Alois Gollenz

The area Kresnica

Kresnica is the Slovenian part of Grassnitzberg (location: south to south-west).

The area Ciringa

Ciringa is the Slovenian part of Zieregg (location: south to south-west). At the Slovenian part of the Southern Styrian Wine Road, soils of unique quality have formed due to sediments of the primordial ocean. They are called Fosili, because here, embedded in Muschelkalk, you can still find fossil witnesses of times long past.